Victor Kalinowski

Victor Kalinowski

Home Renovation Loan

Home Renovation Loan Do you have big dreams for your humble home? Are you thinking a big renovation where all…

Victor Kalinowski

Seven ways to manage your mortgage repayments [including COVID-19 mortgage freeze]

mortgage freeze

Seven options to help manage your mortgage repayments (and budget) through COVID-19, including the mortgage freeze. If you have a…

Victor Kalinowski

Check Your Eligibility [First Home Owners Grant QLD]

First Home Owners Grants - Take the Quiz for 2020

There are now three different incentives you could be eligible for as a first time buyer or builder in QLD.

Victor Kalinowski

Home Loan Pre Approvals [When you do and don’t need one]

home loan pre approval

I recommend ‘Informal Home Loan Pre Approvals’ with all the benefits and no downsides. Many years ago, getting a full…

Victor Kalinowski

How to Buy a House Step by Step [2020 Complete Guide]

How to Buy a House this step by step Guide. Learn where to start and what to do next. In…

Victor Kalinowski

Buy your next home using a bridging loan [2020 Complete Guide]

Secure bridging finance quickly and simply with Blackk. We’ll find you the best products available and help you get approved fast.

Victor Kalinowski

First Home Loan Deposit Scheme 2020 [Comprehensive Guide]

first home loan deposit scheme

What is the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme QLD, and are you eligible to save thousands on the purchase of…

Victor Kalinowski

Top 13 mistakes to avoid as a first home buyer QLD [2020 guide + case studies]

First home buyer - Guide - Blackk Home Loans

Avoiding these 13 mortgage mistakes as a first home buyer in QLD will save you money today and set yourself…

Victor Kalinowski

Queensland Stamp Duty Concession [2020 Complete Guide]

QLD Stamp Duty Rebate [2020 Complete Guide]

The Queensland State Government helps out First Home Buyers with the Stamp Duty Concession. The QLD Stamp Duty Concession (or…

Victor Kalinowski

Buying property with family members [2020 Home Loan Advice]

Buying property with family

Buying property with family members makes it easier to get into the property market. In 2020 with higher property prices…