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There’s a lot of information out there about how to get the best home loan rates on a mortgage. Anyone who has ever shopped for a home loan knows just how overwhelming the process can be.

There’s a lot of competition out there but how do you choose the best lender? Is a bank more secure than another type of lender? What is a variable versus a fixed home loan rate, and which one is the best fit for me? How do I know what fees and charges are attached to my home loan? Can I refinance? When?

The list goes on and on. If you’re a specialised mortgage broker operating in the home loan market on a full-time basis then you can probably pick and choose from what’s on offer and get yourself a very competitive loan. You might even know how to get the best home loan rates which suit your circumstances. If you’re not an expert broker then the process might seem more than just a little overwhelming. You might be looking for a simpler way. You might need a hand. You might need the services of an expert mortgage broker.

That’s us. We are the home loan experts who get you approved for the best home loan rates provided from among 40 banks and lenders. We work with you, representing your best interests, and we get our clients approved 98% of the time. The best part? This entire service that we offer is completely free to you.

Our access to the home loan market provides us with unique insights and access to the best home loans currently on offer across the country. Because our services are paid for by the lender you eventually settle with, you are not out of pocket. And, because there are so many lenders to choose from, you can rest assured that the home loan we find for you is, chosen specifically for your needs and future.

What does ‘best home loan rates’ really mean, anyway?

Banks and lenders like to hook customers with low rate home loans. They’re usually marketed in big, bold font and the first thing a potential home loan customer sees. Everyone knows that low rates translate to less interest paid over time, but what else do low rate home loans really give customers?

With an expert from Blackk looking after your mortgage, you can rely on us to know exactly which lender, which bank, is really offering the best home loan rates for you.

We simplify your home loan shopping by getting to know you and your financial situation. With an intuitive online form that’s quick and easy to fill out, we can develop a detailed financial profile of your current circumstances and then shop on your behalf in the home loan market. We have access to hundreds of home loan products and a detailed, intimate knowledge of how each loan will work for your circumstances.

It’s about more than just taking care of the leg work for our clients. For Blackk, we want to secure you the best financial position that you can possibly achieve. Not just for right now, but also for the future. We want you to be wealthy, secure, and own your own home, and we’ll be with you every step of the way throughout the process.

Contact us today to discuss your circumstances and have Victor, our specialist mortgage broker explain and simplify the pathway toward owning your own property or re-mortgaging your existing property.