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Home Renovation Loan

Home Renovation Loan Do you have big dreams for your humble home? Are you thinking a big renovation where all…

mortgage freeze

Seven ways to manage your mortgage repayments [including COVID-19 mortgage freeze]

Seven options to help manage your mortgage repayments (and budget) through COVID-19, including the mortgage freeze. If you have a…

First Home Owners Grants - Take the Quiz for 2020

Check Your Eligibility [First Home Owners Grant QLD]

There are now three different incentives you could be eligible for as a first time buyer or builder in QLD.

home loan pre approval

Home Loan Pre Approvals [When you do and don’t need one]

I recommend ‘Informal Home Loan Pre Approvals’ with all the benefits and no downsides. Many years ago, getting a full…

How to Buy a House Step by Step [2020 Complete Guide]

How to Buy a House this step by step Guide. Learn where to start and what to do next. In…

Buy your next home using a bridging loan [2020 Complete Guide]

Secure bridging finance quickly and simply with Blackk. We’ll find you the best products available and help you get approved fast.

first home loan deposit scheme

First Home Loan Deposit Scheme 2020 [Comprehensive Guide]

What is the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme QLD, and are you eligible to save thousands on the purchase of…

First home buyer - Guide - Blackk Home Loans

Top 13 mistakes to avoid as a first home buyer QLD [2020 guide + case studies]

Avoiding these 13 mortgage mistakes as a first home buyer in QLD will save you money today and set yourself…

QLD Stamp Duty Rebate [2020 Complete Guide]

Queensland Stamp Duty Concession [2020 Complete Guide]

The Queensland State Government helps out First Home Buyers with the Stamp Duty Concession. The QLD Stamp Duty Concession (or…

Buying property with family

Buying property with family members [2020 Home Loan Advice]

Buying property with family members makes it easier to get into the property market. In 2020 with higher property prices…

How much can I borrow home loan?

How much can I borrow home loan [2020 Guide]

How much can I borrow home loan? Blackk will secure the right home loan for you. We do the leg work and the paperwork, you just concentrate on moving in.

How to make an offer on a house [2020 step by step guide]

How to make an offer on a house in 2020. Learn advanced strategies and tools in this 12 steps guide…

making an offer on a house below asking price - Blackk Finance

Making an offer on a house below asking price [5 winning strategies in 2020]

The key to making an offer on a house below asking price, is knowing the real reason the vendor is selling….

Offset Accounts - Blackk Home Loans

Are Home Loan Offset Accounts worth it [2020 Explainer + Case Study]?

Home Loan Offset Accounts can save you money on a home loan, but only in the right circumstances. It is…

How to build a house in Brisbane [2020 Step By Step Guide]

Learn to steps on how to build a house like where to start, getting Government Grants as and how to…

What is Lender Mortgage Insurance? Victor Kalinowski from Blackk Finance explains.

What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance [2020 explainer + case study]

What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance and how much will it cost? The basic’s are covered here. Lenders Mortgage Insurance can…


Make good property decisions using the head, heart, gut approach to buying [Plus free Download House Hunting Checklist]

I met with a client this week who is just starting out on that initial journey of finding her first…

Investment property loan

Get the Edge with My House Hunting Tips

Get the edge with my best tips on buying a house. I share my best strategies and tactics on where…

Terms and conditions to consider when signing house contract in QLD

When you sign your house contract, it’s important to understand what you’re signing and what clauses you need…


How to find out what a house is worth [3 strategies]

How to find out what a house is worth Do your research using these three strategies, on how to find…

Refinance Home Loan - Brisbane and Gold Coast Mortgage Brokers

Refinance home loan

The best way to refinance a home loan is to know exactly what refinancing options are on offer. Knowledge is…

Best Home Loan Rates - Brisbane and Gold Coast Mortgage Brokers

Best home loan rates

Let a Blackk mortgage broker do the leg work you. We’ll help you secure the best home loan rates which work for you and your family from over 40 banks and lenders.

Investment property loan

Investment property loan

Blackk helps to secure you the best investment property loan fast and stress free. We’ll explain everything, simplify everything, and support you from start to finish.

Buying an investment property - Brisbane - Gold Coast - Blackk Finance

Buying an investment property

Are you buying an investment property? We’ll help you every step of the way. Blackk keeps things simple with fast approvals and minimal paperwork.

Best home loan interest rates - Brisbane - Gold Coast

Best home loan interest rates

Let us explain how the best home loan interest rates can really work for you and your mortgage. Whether you’re buying or refinancing, we’ll simplify the process.

First Home Buyer

First home buyer

Don’t be daunted. As a first home buyer there is a lot to learn about the property market but Blackk will help you secure the best rate home loan for you. And we do it for free.

Extra mortgage repayments - Blackk Home Loans

A plan for extra mortgage repayments is non negotiable [explainer + case study]

Making extra mortgage repayments to fast track your home loan down to zero is the single biggest action you can…

Home loan interest rate - Blackk Home Loans

Don’t fix your entire home loan interest rate | I’ll explain why

Fixing your home loan interest rates on your entire home loan will mean you repay more in interest than you…

Home loans and the 2019 Banking Royal Commission Report [how it impacts you]

The Banking Royal Commission Report on Mortgage Brokers, if legislated, will mean a very big change for every Australian with…

Reduce you Lenders Mortgage Insurance - Blackk Finance

Lenders Mortgage Insurance [2020 Complete Guide]

In most situations, you will pay lenders mortgage insurance if you don’t have a 20%  deposit when applying for…

Refinance | What is it & should you take the leap?

Do you have home loan rate jealousy? Do the alluring interest rates of others make your heart beat that little bit faster? I explain what it is when you should do it.

21 Critical Home Loan Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re considering buying or building a home then you’ll probably need a home loan.  We’ve listed here the 21 most common mistakes we see…

Building and pest inspection

Building and Pest Inspection – why you need it

A building and pest inspection is a critical check you need to arrange before you finalise buying a house in QLD. Here I explain why you need it and how it helps.

Make The Most of Historic Low Interest Rates

The RBA has cut the May 2016 cash rate to a historic low level of 1.75 percent but what does this actually mean for you as a borrower?

Helping Out A Rap Star Who Was $53 million In Debt

Refinancing Kanye’s $53 Million Debt – Refinancing, debt and home loans can be tricky business, regardless of whether you’re the ‘greatest…

Build a house in Brisbane: Where to Start

When you are considering taking the step of building a home, the best place to start is with getting a…