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How The Australian Government Is Helping 10,000 First-Home-Buyers Secure Their First Home… With Next-To-No-Deposit And Less Fees

Over 100,000 people will become first home buyers this year. But only 1 in 10 will get help from a little known Government scheme, which helps first home buyers skip years of saving… to buy their own house with as little as a 5% deposit and zero lenders mortgage insurance fees.

Have you ever dreamt of buying your own home, instead of paying someone else’s mortgage?

Imagine having a house you can call yours… the feeling of owning your own property… somewhere you can call home…

And while owning a house can seem like a distant dream for many… for some people, this dream is becoming a reality.

Last year, the Federal Government announced its “mortgage guarantee scheme”. The scheme helps lower to middle-income earners get a mortgage on their first home…  with deposits as low as 5%… and no need for expensive lender mortgage insurance (LMI).

That’s a potential saving of around $16,000 in LMI fees on a $500,000 property).

Many first home buyers are now sighing with relief… all because it’s been tough securing a mortgage, especially since banks implemented stricter lending policies – that was until now!

“The team at Blackk Finance were surprised at how many first home buyers had no idea the scheme existed.”

They had been putting off getting their own home. All because they thought they needed to save up for years and years… when that’s not needed at all.

This highlights the need for Aussie first home buyers to be given the information they deserve.

In reality,  it’s far easier to get on the property ladder than many people think. And the only thing holding many people back… is not knowing what’s available to help them.

…and it’s not their fault. The world of mortgages and homeownership can be confusing and always changes.

So right now we’d like to help make it all simpler for all QLD First Home Buyers.

We’ve created this really simple 2 minute quiz that will tell you exactly how much you are eligible for.

It could be up to $35k when combined with the 2 other first home buyer incentives currently available.

Click the button below to get started.


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Remember, the government is only giving help to 10% of first home buyers (10,000 out of 100,000).

It’s on a “first-in, best dressed” basis – so make sure you take full advantage of the scheme… while it’s still available!


Click here to take the quiz and discover how much you can save!