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There is a lot to consider when choosing an investment property loan. There are also a range of ways of breaking into the property market. You might be considering accessing the equity available on your current home loan, or you may be interested in exploring investment options based on your superannuation balance.

With the right support, an expert broker, and a team of specialised financial administrators, you can secure the right investment property loan for your financial profile and continue to build and safeguard your financial future. With Blackk, we can build a secure financial future together.

Blackk is a specialist brokerage firm operating in the Australian home loan market. We arrange investment property loans for our clients based not just on how quickly we can get you approved, but, most importantly, on what works the best for you. Victor, an expert broker with years of experience behind him, delivers not just home loan products but the skills and expertise to select only the best loan options from over 40 individual lenders and banks who offer over 100 hundred loan products.

We provide our clients with a personalised brokering service which goes beyond just today’s home loan. By filling out our quick online form and choosing to become a Blackk client, you gain access to a specialised firm working to make Australians as financially comfortable as possible. We do this by ensuring that you understand everything about your financial position, including where you are today and where you could be in 5 years’ or 10 years’ time.

We’re not about just getting you approved. We offer ongoing financial support for our clients. We want to see you build your wealth. We want to see you make smart choices with your money, get on top of your mortgage as quickly as possible and build your investment portfolio. When you prosper, we prosper. It’s that simple.

To provide this service, we work to match our investment clients with the lender or bank we believe offers the most affordable and flexible loan options available in the market today. Our services are covered by the lender or bank of your choice so you have no out of pocket expenses. That might seem like there could be room to manipulate this process in our favour but we’ll be honest – there’s no need to bother. With over 40 different banks and lenders available to us, we don’t have to choose favourites. They, if anything, are in a position to woo you. They want your business and we want to see you financially secure. It’s a win, win relationship which sees our clients reap the biggest rewards, enjoy ongoing support and only continue to prosper.

After you have settled on your investment loan and have had some time to adjust to your new financial profile, we’ll get in touch to see how you’re going. Based on your profile with us, we can make further suggestions for refinancing, extending your investment portfolio and securing greater wealth. As a Blackk client, you’re not just another home loan customer. You are permanently part of our close knit family of investors and property owners that we are continuing to work for, to bring the best opportunities to, and to support throughout the life of your home loan.


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