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First Home Owners Grant QLD + Bonus Quiz

You want to get into your first home, and you are hoping to get money from the Queensland government to help you buy sooner. Or buy better.

How to Refinance
a Home Loan

Refinancing your home loan can save you many thousands of dollars a year! Some helpful advice upfront is to avoid the temptation of choosing the home loan with the sharpest rate as in reality it’s not that simple…

Home Loans for Self Employed Individuals

From this moment on, forget everything you have ever heard about the challenges of getting a home loan when you are self employed.

How to Buy a House Step by Step Guide

In this guide, updated for 2022, I breakdown in detail the 21 steps on how to buy a house in Queensland.

How to Build a House in Brisbane

The Guide covers how to build a house step by step – from where to start, using Government Grants and getting a construction loan approved.

QLD Stamp Duty Concession

The Queensland State Government helps out First Home Buyers with the Stamp Duty Concession.

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