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Victor Kalinowski - Mortgage Broker Brisbane

Victor Kalinowski
Founder & Mortgage Broker at Blackk

Welcome to Blackk Mortgage Brokers.

Hi I am Victor, the Mortgage Broker here at Blackk Mortgage Brokers.

Are you finding shopping around for a Home Loan or Mortgage Broker overwhelming?

Do you want the best home your family can afford but not sure how much can you spend? Or maybe you need advice on maximising your borrowing for property investment.

You’re not alone.

What we do, is understand your plans, take the overwhelm out of the situation by giving you thorough guidance, and find you the latest home loan solution.

Then we handle the application process and get your home loan approved in time for settlement.

The power of knowledge and confidence to buy is what we give each client at Blackk.

Make smarter home loan choices.

Have a read of my Mortgage Broker Brisbane reviews to get a feel for how well we look after our clients.

See me at my West End (Brisbane) or Burleigh Heads (Gold Coast) offices.

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Get into the booming Brisbane property market with a Home Loan.

The Pandemic saw thousands of people move north to Brisbane to enjoy our relaxed lifestyle and comparitivey more affordable property prices.

Being a capital city, Brisbane has plenty of jobs and services close by, giving people the confidence to move here.

Brisbane invests heavily in infrastructure like public transport, with the cross river rail making the suburbs more accessible by train, as well as several large hospitals dotted across the city.

Brisbane has world famous beaches and hinterlands to enjoy, just over an hour away from Brisbane city, on either the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast.

With all these facts at hand, I hope you can see why I think Brisbane is a top city to buy property in this year.

Why choose us?

Over 13 years experience

Over 16 years experience

Since 2007, thousands of individuals and families continue to trust us in securing their home loans.

Get better access to lenders

Get better access to lenders

Save the legwork in finding a lender that offers the best value for your needs. With access to more lenders, we’ll do the work for you.

98.2% of home loans approved*

99.6% of home loans approved*

Give yourself the best chance of getting your loan approved. With a thorough understanding of your finances and knowledge of banking rules we’ll get the job done.

Multi-award Winning

Multi-award winning

Blackk Mortgage Brokers has been recognised in Queensland for outstanding outcomes for our clients.

Our Experience means your Home Loan will be Approved.

The way we approach Home Loan applications is, without question, industry leading. It is why we have a high success rate getting Home Loan approved.

In fact over the last 12 months, 99.6% of Home Loans we have applied for on behalf of clients have been approved.

Why is this important?  When making an offer to buy property you need a high degree of certainty that your Loan will be approved.

But it is actually more common for Home Loan applications to be declined by the banks, than approved.   It means missing out on the property which is stressful (and it is recorded on your credit file).

How are we able to achieve this success?  I personally meet with every client to fully understand your situation. Combined this with my detailed knowledge of banking credit policies and supported by the latest software, I can zoom in very quickly on the handful of Home Loans that are best for you.

If we do not think, with a high degree of certainty, that a lender will approve your home loan, then I’ll tell you this upfront and we won’t apply.

Equally, if I think you are not quite in the financial situation to buy property just yet, I will tell you this too and give you steps to get there.

Think of it more as mortgage planning, and not just a one off home loan.

Benefit From Guidance To Successfully Buy Property.

If you have never purchased property before, knowing how to navigate open homes and make an offer on a property is daunting.

Having an expert on your side, who can guide you through the steps to buy successfully will remove much of the stress and ensure you feel in control.

First I give you advice on how much deposit you need saved, and what can afford to borrow and spend on a property. Then armed with this information, you can narrow down your search to a few suburbs across Brisbane, and really niche down on homes with your target area.

You may very well become more of an expert than the real estate agent on house values in these areas!

When you are ready to make an offer I will advise you on how to go about it and give you tips on negotiating through to a successful purchase.

This includes access to our experts for your ‘Conveyancing’ and a ‘Building and Pest inspection’.

I will let you know if you are eligible for a Government Grant, like the $15,000 First Home Buyers Grant,  the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme or Stamp Duty Rebate. We also look at how to reduce any Lenders Mortgage Insurance payable when buying your property.

Plus with our helpful step by step maps, you’ll always know where you stand and what’s next with Blackk.

Increase your chances for a home loan approval.

Get free tips on how you can boost your home loan application. 

Mortgage Broker Brisbane Reviews.

See what our clients have to say.


Important questions answered on the top Mortgage Broker in Brisbane.


Can Blackk Mortgage Brokers help with refinancing in Brisbane?

We sure can! Our refinancing mortgage brokers Brisbane are able to help you with advice on refinancing for a better deal.

Our refinancing mortgage brokers Brisbane are able to help you negotiate a better deal with your current lender, refinance to a new lender, consolidate your existing debt or access money.  Good

What types of home loans are available through Blackk in Brisbane?

At Blackk Brisbane, our team can help you get a number of different home loans. Our team in Brisbane can help you with first-home buyers loans, bridging loans, construction loans, renovation loans, refinance home loans, investment home loans and self-employed home loans. 

Chat to a member of our Blackk team today to find out more about the types of home loans on offer.


How to schedule a consultation with Blackk Mortgage Brokers in Brisbane?

If you’re looking to schedule a free consultation with one of our Brisbane mortgage brokers, you can use our easy online booking system

By scheduling a free 20 minute consultation with Victor, our head  mortgage brokers, you’ll get a clear path forward to where you want to go.   If you’re ready for a home loan now we can get the ball rolling straight away. Alternatively use your scheduled consultation too  . get answers to questions like, can I get a home loan, how much can I borrow and spend on a home and how do I  get my finances ready to apply for a home loan.

How does the mortgage application process work with Blackk in Brisbane?

Booking a free 20 minute call with us at Blackk in Brisbane is the best way to get started on your mortgage application process. 

On our call we will discuss where you are at and the best place to start with the mortgage application process.

Once we have discussed the home you are buying or refinancing and your financial situation, I will advise you on what

paperwork and forms you need to upload to our secure online portal. 

Once we have reviewed your information, our team does the research and recommends a home loan that may be suitable for you in a home loan application.

Generally we are able to get your home loan application approved by the lender  in around 1 to 7 days. 

After approval from the lender, we get your home loan application prepared, signed and submitted to the lender for formal approval within 1 to 2 weeks. Being formally approved means the lender will lend you the money and is a phone call from us you will be waiting for! 

We are in touch with the lenders regularly following up on your behalf to ensure your home loan is approved as quickly as possible.

Our award winning team is here to support you and answer any questions you have along the way.  

Our complete guide on how to buy a house in Queensland can help you know where to start on your mortgage application process. 

What are the steps to get a home loan pre-approved for a mortgage with Blackk in Brisbane?

When it comes to getting your mortgage pre-approved we aim to make the process as quick as possible at Blackk Brisbane. 

The steps for a home loan pre approval are almost the same as doing the full home loan application.  After we have discussed your property goals and finances, you will need to upload your personal documentation to an online portal. 

Our team reviews this and researches which lender and home loan would be a good fit for you and we provide you with a home loan pre approval form to sign which is submitted to the lender.

It takes around 1 to 7 days for the lender to let us know if you have been pre approved. You will hear from us directly as soon we get the good news.  A home loan pre-approval normally lasts 90 days and you can’t make any changes to your financial situation in this time like spending savings, taking out a credit card or changing jobs.

How much does it cost to use a Mortgage Broker in Brisbane?

Generally, there is no Brisbane mortgage broker cost you will have to pay when you use a Mortgage Broker to get your home loan approved and settled.

Mortgage Brokers get paid by your lender at the settlement of a Home Loan.

Lenders pay Mortgage Brokers in the background in the same way that they would pay their local branch staff in the background.

The client isn’t expected to pay the branch clerk when they go and see them, just like we don’t expect them to pay us directly.

So what that means is that we as your Mortgage Brokers don’t get paid unless we get you a home loan that’s approved.

If you’ve been wondering about the overall Brisbane mortgage broker cost, there are some instances when it will cost you to use Blackk Mortgage Brokers. However I will always let you know upfront when this is necessary and what additional benefits you can expect from me.

Can I get any First Home Buyer Grants or Benefits in QLD?

We advise you on what Government Grants, Rebates and Schemes you are eligible for as a First Home Buyer in QLD.  There are three main programs currently on offer which are:

1. First Home Owners Grant of $15,000 – read more here.

2. Stamp Duty Rebate of up to $8,750 – read more here

3. First Home Loan Deposit Scheme of up to $29,500 – read more here.

How does Blackk support first-time home buyers in Brisbane?

As first-time home buyers in Brisbane it can be confusing to know where to start and if you can even get a home loan. We simplify the first-time home buyer experience through support and by advising you on how to get home loan ready, how much you can borrow, what you can afford to spend on a home, and what Government Grants, Rebates, Schemes and support you are eligible for.  We also spend some time with  first-time home buyers  QLD walking them through the steps to buy like how to make an offer to buy a home, dealing with real estate agents.

What chance do I have of home loan approval in Brisbane through a mortgage broker?

One of the benefits of using Blackk Mortgage Brokers is we give you a very high level of certainty that your home loan will be approved by the lender.

Home loan approval is not something any one of us can completely control or guarantee as banks are regularly changing their rules and criteria.  With my experience in the industry and with a thorough understanding of clients’ financial situations, I have been able to get 99.2% of home loans approved for our clients.

Our philosophy is, if we do not think we have a very good chance of getting your home loan approved, then our Brisbane mortgage broker team won’t apply.

Instead I will give you clear and actionable steps to take to improve your financial situation like how to  increase your borrowing capacity, then we can take another look for you down the track.

What are the unique services offered by Blackk Mortgage Brokers for Brisbane residents?

My perspective on why I think the services we provide at Blackk Mortgage Brokers are unique comes down to two things.

The first is Blackk Mortgage Brokers have extensive experience with the credit policies from the banks and lenders which means we know how to advise Brisbane residents to prepare first financially before we apply for a loan so that when we do apply, we know you have certainty you will be approved with the latest interest rates on offer.

The second is our award winning customer experience which is unique to Blackk Mortgage Brokers. In 2024 our clients, many who are Brisbane residents, voted us the winner for the best customer experience from a Mortgage Broker in Queensland at the BankWest awards.

What makes Blackk a leading mortgage broker in Brisbane?

Blackk are the leading, customer focussed mortgage broker brisbane.

In 2024, Blackk won the best customer experience from a mortgage broker in Queensland as voted by our clients in the Bankwest survey. You can also check out our mortgage broker brisbane google reviews to see for yourself the feedback from our happy clients.

Blackk also has a successful track record at getting home loans approved, where almost every client who we apply for a home loan for gets their home loan approved (99.2% in fact in 2023).  This comes down to knowing lending policies inside out and having integral relationships with the lenders.

What Home Loan advice can I expect from Victor?

Non biased advice on which home loan to choose and how to set it up correctly is vital to get you ahead financially.

How should I structure my loan? Fixed interest rate V variable or a split loan?  Should I pay for an offset account?  How do I use equity to buy my first investment property?

Navigating home loans is complex and good advice will save you significant amounts of money, in fact with booming property markets, we can help put you in a position to grow your wealth.

Does Blackk provide advice on investment property loans in Brisbane?

Absolutely, we specialise in non biassed advice for our Brisbane clients on how to buy their first or multiple investment properties. Navigating investment property loans in complex and good advice will save you significant amounts of money.

I recommend you get in touch for advice at least 6 to 12 months in advance of when you want your investment property loans as we find most clients need to get prepared financially first.

We look at your current financial situation and owner occupied property first to check how much usable equity you have and what your borrowing capacity is.  We then have a range of strategies that will guide you towards being ready to apply for investment property loans with the certainty you will be approved by the lender.


How do I get started with Blackk Mortgage Brokers?

You can get started with Blackk by booking a free 20 minute call with me here. This  is the best option if you are either:

  1. Ready to make an offer to buy property now – after an initial chat, we will get the ball rolling for you quickly by giving you a secure online portal to upload your paperwork and complete an online questionnaire; or
  2. Want some initial advice on what you can afford to spend on a home – it’s perfect if you are looking around for a Mortgage Broker, or want guidance on how to get ready to buy like how much you can borrow, what deposit you need saved and what the next steps are in the process to buy a home.

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