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Property investment is one of the most secure ways to invest in Australia. If you are thinking of buying an investment property then Blackk can help simplify the purchase process for you, offering you fast approvals, access to the best home loan products currently available, and simplifying the paperwork.

As a specialist mortgage brokerage firm operating under Victor, an expert broker with years of experience operating within Australia’s finance market, Blackk has the expertise you can rely on to secure you the best finance options for buying an investment property. Our services are free to property buyers, covered by the bank or lender that you ultimately choose to purchase your finance from.

New to buying an investment property?

Investment properties are one of the most popular ways Aussies secure their financial future and build their wealth to secure a comfortable retirement. There are a lot of tax incentives available for investment property owners and often the costs of maintaining an investment property can be quite low when rental income and tax deductions are taken into account. Ultimately, when you are looking for an investment property to purchase, you are looking for a property which will increase in value over the time of your owning it. This will ensure the maximum returns on your investment and help you to increase your wealth and, possibly, invest in more properties into the future.

Often property investors use the equity that have accrued on their current home to fund their investment property purchase. Simply put, equity is the amount of money you have to play with when the value of your current property exceeds the amount left to pay on your mortgage. For example, if your current property is worth $800 000 and the amount left to pay on your mortgage is $500 000, then you have approximately $300 000 in equity. This amount can be financed for a second home loan, or property investment loan.

We can help you to secure the best finance options for your second property by evaluating your equity position and matching you with the best loan products available. By filling out a quick, online form, you can give us an overview of your current financial situation and what type of investment property loan works best for you. We’ll explain everything, ensuring you understand exactly how profitable your current position is and how much better you can make it in the future. We work for you.

Victor has access to over 40 banks and lenders offering over 100 different loan products. With his expert connections, he is able to locate a range of options which fit your financial profile and deliver the best available finance. Not only will we ensure that you are just approved, we will actively help you to maintain and build on your investment security by highlighting potential areas for you to save, ways you can chop down your interest and your mortgage, and arranging refinancing when and if better options become available.

As a client with Blackk, we’re in it with you throughout the entire loans process. We periodically check in with our clients, ensuring that your financial circumstances are stable, that you have access to, and understand, all of the available mortgage options you qualify for. We want to ensure your future is as profitable as possible.

Contact us today to discuss how you can benefit from Australia’s property investment market and make your future, your retirement, secure.