A building and pest inspection is a critical check you need to arrange before you finalise buying a house in QLD. Here I explain why you need it and how it helps.

A building and pest inspection is completed after signing the contract (and your offer has been accepted).

The inspection can be done by one expert, or this can be two separate experts:

  • The building specialist will check the structure of the roof, walls, floors, fences and any adjoining buildings, look for things such as cracks, faults, asbestos and movement.
  • The pest expert will check for termites, white ants, borers and other pests.

The inspector is working for you, and it can be really useful to attend the inspection so you can ask questions to see exactly what they are talking about.

Why do I need a building and pest inspection?

It’s likely your home is going to be one of the biggest investments you make in your life.

Unexpected building problems can cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix. By getting a building inspection, you’ll have a really good idea of the property’s condition before buying.

If there are issues it will allow you to get quotes for the repairs and you may choose to negotiate with the seller if they are significant.

Book in your building and pest inspection as soon as you can – find one on google, ask a friend or your Mortgage Broker for a reputable inspector.

How much does  building and pest inspection cost?

It varies depending on the size and location of the property.

As a guide, for most units, townhouses and houses in metropolitan areas, the cost varies between $500 to $750.

You will need to pay for this yourself and it can’t be included in the loan.

When you are buying a house, it’s important to keep perspective. It’s likely that every property will have issues. Some small, some big. This is even more true when a home is older.

The aim of getting a thorough building and pest report is so that you know exactly what the issues are and you make sure they’re manageable in the future.

We recommend using a building and pest inspector who will take the time to explain what is been identified and to put into terms you can understand.


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